We have been delivering customised advertising gadgets in the form of live plants since 2009 and we know how to do it professionally.

Our tree gifts are delivered in specially designed packages, which are not only a decoration. First of all, they perfectly protect the plant during the harsh shipment time, in any courier related circumstances.

The whole gift set is personalised according to our client’s expectations. There is no information on the packaging or the tree that the plant comes from drzewkonaprezent.pl company.

The gift is prepared in such a way that your client will get the impression that it has been sent straight from the company which has ordered the promotional campaign.

The only thing you need to do is to decide about the tree you want and the time when it should be ready. All the projects are handled individually and we are very open to diversify the sets we offer in a very creative way – the way you want to.

We offer green deliveries all over Europe.

O firmie
O firmie


We have a unique and inimitable idea for promotion of your company! Instead of ordering boring, predictable gifts for the guests of your important event, try the offer of green gadgets available from Drzewkonaprezent.pl. There is no doubt that our pot plants, which are packed decoratively and marked individually, will be an excellent gift both for you clients and contractors. Our store is the place where you can find lots of ideas and eco-friendly inspirations. See for yourself!

The presents we offer will definitely improve not only business relations between companies, but also your brand perception in its business environment. The tree you choose will grow and enhance positive attitude towards the giver. It is an evergreen idea for an occasional gift for companies or co-workers. Plants are the best ecological gadgets which always make others happy.

A tree gift can be a perfect occasional present which helps to build positive image of your company and works as its timeless PR manager. The trees are packed in carton packaging with individual printings! They can be given with your business gadgets, so they will work together to become a symbol of your company or event.

Delivery time, payment method and shipment can be easily agreed. The prices depend on the number of pieces ordered and the gift option chosen.

We cooperate with advertising and event agencies.